After Care
Thank you for choosing Mini A to accessorise your look.
I can’t wait to look my best being worn by you, but I need your help. Here are some helpful tips.

*Take me off when you shower or swim. Chlorine can damage or discolour my gold plating.
*Avoid wearing me whilst exercising or being active, sweat can damage or discolour me.
*Remember to apply hair products and your toiletries before putting me on.

To look my best please put me on at the last minute and take me off first! Put me away in my pouch or box ……that’s were I like to sleep!!!
Sterling Silver 925 can become tarnished over time. A gently rub with silver polish cloth or a silver dip will remove any tarnish. Remember to always read the instructions when using a silver dip.

Gold Plating/Vermeil

Do not polish me as this may damage my finish. Instead an easy way to keep me nice and shiny is to clean me gently with warm soapy water (mild washing up liquid) remember to dry me with a gentle cloth.
If your plating wears off, don’t worry your precious jewellery can be re-plated. Please contact us at [email protected].

Gold Jewellery

Wash me in warm soapy water (mild washing up liquid) using a soft toothbrush to remove any excess dirt.
Let me dry and I’m ready to be worn again.
You can use a jewellery polishing cloth in between to keep me shiny and at my best.