Let me help you with your ring size:

Find a ruler and let’s get measuring!

It’s best to measure your finger in the afternoon when your hands are not too hot or too cold.

If choosing a wide band or stacking ring, they come up smaller so choose the next size up. It’s the same if you are in between sizes.

sizing mini-a

You need to measure my diameter (that’s between the arrows). This will give you your size in mm. Check the table below for your size:

Inside Diameter MM Europe
13.9mm 44
14.3mm 45
14.6mm 46
15.0mm 47
15.3mm 48
15.6mm 49
15.9mm 50
16.2mm 51
16.6mm 52
16.8mm 53
17.2mm 54
17.5mm 55
17.8mm 56
18.1mm 57
18.5mm 58


This is only a guide. We are all unique and how you like to wear me will differ.

necklaces sizing

40cm – close to our neck, at the base of the throat

45cm – on our collarbone

50cm – just below our collarbone

60cm – just above our bust line